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  Dear teacher, dear classmates:

  Good morning everyone! Today the title of my speech is "wisdom to open the door of wisdom to open the road to success with diligence".

  Students, you can still remember the first time into the school scenarios? Remember the first open textbooks, joy and novelty in writing the first word? That's one small step into the gate, but it is a big step in life. Life on this voyage, we sail with wisdom, hard for the pulp and began to sail to the very vast knowledge of the ocean!

  Our school is a treasure house of knowledge, a cultural corridor, is Yuefu teachers and students, it is the cradle of talent. Students, in this treasure house, the corridor and the Yuefu, bathing in the morning, have you ever thought of, today the stem what? Inspired by the setting sun. Have you ever asked, today there are many harvest?

  Dickens said, "I have harvested, I planted the seeds." Everyone has a chance to become a talented person, it is to see you go not to fight for this opportunity. The key to the most commonly used light, can come from diligent study, history not millions of people with their own actions to prove this statement credible?? Su Qin to urge their own diligent study "the first cantilever cone Cigu" story, leaving the eternal fame. Kuangheng to learn, "cutting the wall to steal light"; Chen Yin to learn, "firefly Yingxue capsule"; Yang Shi to learn, "Li Xue" and so on. They not by diligence and wisdom beyond their own success. To change the fate of knowledge, knowledge of life. Do you also want to be like them, to work hard to acquire knowledge, improve your ability to change your life?

  As Mr. Guo Moruo said, "diligence and wisdom are the keys to success". Today we should remember his words, flying their own youth, with industrious sweat paved road to success in the future. Maybe we have lost at the starting line, but never let ourselves lose at the end. Hard work can make up for congenital deficiency, cherish each moment, efforts to acquire knowledge. For the brothers and sisters in ninth grade, recruit exam is not very distant, facing life's first choice, you should redouble our efforts, study hard, make adequate preparations to meet recruit exam; for our eighth graders and eighth grade is a turning point in the junior high school learning, we should grasp well, study hard, and constantly improve themselves; and seventh grade we don't relax. Now our efforts is in learning for the future and lay a solid foundation, and only the foundations of the lay a solid foundation, the house will be built higher. Students, regardless of we are in what stage of learning, we should to seize the fleeting time, take advantage of, the knowledge the gleaming gem tightly in her hand. Each success to hard work and effort to succeed, they must pay the price. As Bingxin said: "the success of the flowers, people only envy it present Mingyan, but I do not know it had Yaren, had soaked fighting leiquan, Sabian a sacrifice Xueyu!" indeed, not by some cold biting, which the fragrance of plum flowers? We are in a golden age of learning, youth, let time wasted? Life can have a few back hard? Life can have several youth? Over the past can not be changed, the so-called black do not know diligence early, Whitehead study to regret later, is the truth. Only hard knowledge, enterprising, the strongest we can play the song of youth!

  Students, as long as we establish lofty ideals, down-to-earth study hard, unremitting exploration, we will be able to toil and sweat to forge the beautiful life! Let us study hard, I start from, start from today, let diligent sweat pouring opening flower of knowledge! Let the light of wisdom illuminate our hearts! We struggle to write a youth without regret!


  咱們上午好!今日我講話的標題是《用才智敞開才智之門 用勤勉拓荒成功之路》。

  同學們,你可還記得榜首次背起書包走進校園的情形?可還記得翻開榜首本講義、學寫榜首個字的高興與別緻?那踏進校門的一小步,卻是人生的一大步。人生的探究之旅由此啟航,咱們以才智為帆,勤勉作漿,開端駛向 那無比眾多的常識海洋!

  咱們的校園,是常識的寶庫,是文明的走廊,是師生的樂府,更是人才的搖籃。同學們,在這寶庫中 、走廊上 、樂府里,沐着晨光,你是否想過,今日該幹些什麼?踏着落日,你是否問過,今日有多少收成?


  正如郭沫若先生所說:“勤勉和才智是敞開成功大門的鑰匙”。今日的咱們應謹記他的話,放飛自己的芳華,用勤勞的汗水鋪就未來的成功之路。 或許咱們現已輸在起跑線上,但決不能再讓自己輸在結尾。後天的儘力可以補償先天的缺乏,愛惜現在的每一刻,儘力獲取常識。 關於九年級的哥哥、姐姐們來說,中招考試已並不悠遠,面臨着人生的榜首次挑選,你們應該加倍儘力,吃苦學習,為迎候中招考試做足夠的預備;關於咱們八年級學生來說,八年級是初中學習的一個轉折點,咱們應該好好掌握,儘力學習,不斷進步自己;而七年級的咱們也千萬不要放鬆,咱們現在的儘力是在為今後的學習打下堅實的根底,只需地基打牢了,房子才會蓋得更高。同學們,不管咱們處在哪個學習階段,咱們都應該儘力,捉住這段易逝的歲月 ,好好掌握,將常識這亮光的寶石緊緊握在手中。 每一次的成功都要支付艱苦和儘力,要想取得成功就必須支付代價。正如冰心所說:“成功的花兒,人們只驚羡它現時的鮮艷,卻不知最初它的芽兒,曾浸透了戰役的淚泉,灑遍了獻身的血雨!”確實,不經一番寒徹骨,哪得梅花撲鼻香?咱們正處於學習的黃金年代,大好年光歲月,豈能讓歲月虛度?人生能有幾回奮鬥?人生能有幾個花季?曩昔的就無法改動了,所謂黑髮不知勤學早,白首方悔讀書遲,就是這個道理。只需勤勉求知、奮鬥進步,咱們才幹奏響芳華之歌的最強音!



  Dear teachers, dear students:

  hello everyone!

  The topic of my speech is "the hardness of life"

  The vast desert, a tree stand, the show is a monument to the image.

  Towering mountains, thousands of tree stand up, as is a magnificent the Great Wall.

  The long river, all the trees stood up into a dragon of glory.

  We are a symbol of too much, and too much. But I believe that my image is not "the gentlest hands, skin, such as Diorskin" Lin Daiyu, nor is the modern "unkempt and shabby", "Su Qier". We are a symbol of hope and vitality. So we show in front of others should be inserted without pleats, face without scale, modest and polite gestures exudes a stream of heroic spirit, the image of the vigor and vitality of the modern new youth, a into the embodiment of the spirit of nature.

  Someone once said, life is a kind of hardness, integrity and dignity of life is propped up the hardness of bone. "Better life" and "the Kui back in the day, and not ashamed on the ground", which is always the traditional virtue of the China. Li Bai's "the eyebrow nengcui Zheyaoshan powerful thing, so that I may not be happy Yan" this awe inspiring atmosphere of the verse and whether it will make those no self-esteem people to shame? Loss of self-esteem is a worthless person, and we as the vanguard of the times, if drown in the darkness forever, or to do a dauntless hero, a flower in the wind and rain sonorous rose. The answer is self-evident.

  Desert desolate also has the monument stands, Castle Peak again proud, but also have the great wall around, the river again quiet, also there is a dragon in the recumbent. But the time can be changed, our image, our glory remains the same. Because we pride, because we are confident, because we have a fresh life. And because of this, it is a vast desert riparian long, Qingshan was evergreen, the hardness of life is forever.











  Dear leaders and teachers:

  Good morning!

  "Youth" in the history of the history of the Han Dynasty, the original intention of the spring, that is, the beginning of a year. Now, a symbol of youth blooming vitality and vigor, infinite passion and dream and unremitting struggle and enterprising, at the same time, the youth also means sentimental, immature and ignorant, we only set a correct world outlook, outlook on life and value view, can in the long life journey grasp the right direction. Life rushed for decades, perishable years, gradually old youth, Mo lightly, white young head, empty mournful "adage moment in the haunted, time waits for no man, exactly young students, since when run, enthusiasm betting to his career, selfless offer sacrifice" magic "for the youth to depict the most gorgeous color mosaic, let youth in the dedication of burning out the most dazzling fireworks.

  Doctors and teachers, two holy and glorious career, childhood I Huaichuai favor the two ideal difficult trade-offs, and now I want to thank fate, let me from medical school after graduation to become a teacher can have their cake and eat it. When I first station in three feet of speaking in front of, facing both knowledge of eyes and sacred mission feeling arises spontaneously, I clearly know "the teacher, proselytizes instructs dispels doubt" the profound meaning, Han Yu will preach on the first, is to tell us as a good teacher, first of all, we should pay attention to the cultivation of student's personality, cultivate first then teach and not scripted the written knowledge cramming plug to the students is accomplished by. Especially as a teaching of medical courses teachers, I always put "health system, life entrusted" the oath of a medical student engraved in the heart, this simple eight word, as a medical worker, the expression of incisively and vividly, and my duty is to cultivate medical ethics, medicine, has the sense of responsibility of the three talent.

  Youth is charming, many people in the youth brilliance wrote a brilliant life, Song Dynasty 21 of Xin Qiji "cavalry, gas swallow 10000 such as the momentum of the tiger" dispell resistant Staphylococcus; Premier Zhou at the age of 19 wrote the magnificent "river song strike turned East" to express the youth dedicated to the cause of liberation of the motherland determination; Comrade Lei Feng joined the army at 19 years old, Gan for revolution of the screw nail, selfless dedication, wholeheartedly serve the people, only 22 years old gave young life. They stand tide hero, is never falling stars, is a model of my heart. If the distance of their era said some of our distant, if they are in a specific historical period of "brave" to reflect the new age young people's thoughts and spiritual, then under the new situation of the age of heroes, Navy Dalian Naval Academy Department of Political Science Professor Fang Yonggang comrades, his deeds enough to touched each and every one of us. Fang Yonggang has long been engaged in political theory teaching and research work, for more than 20 years, he always put study the innovation theory of the Communist Party as their sacred mission, firm, selfless, passion for working, even terminally ill also shed down shoulder the responsibilities, his demeanor and character shows the noble realm of the power of a communist political beliefs and outstanding teachers.

  "The moon reflected in water rivers, cloudless Wanli days", I want to the Comrade Fang Yonggang as a learning model, Tuijin flashy, open mind and shaping life atmosphere, thought of the big state. Example in the former emulate, and I will in a high sense of responsibility and mission, imparting knowledge and educating people, the paragon of virtue, assiduous climb, innovation and enterprising, make its greatest contribution to the reform and development of medical education.

  Dedication is a kind of not to return to give, dedication is a noble sentiment, but also a common spirit; not only contains the lofty realm, but also contains a different level. Dedication is both in the country and the people in need of critical moment to come forward, die for the sake of righteousness, fusion and penetration in their daily work and life. Some people said: "the image of teachers is a candle, for students to give all of the light and heat; teacher's personality is burning, for students who would like to go to the destruction of their own; teacher's behavior is a model, for student candidly reveal pure and upright; teacher's joy is the dedication, for students to do a filled with blood boil. Long road dedication to the distance, roses dedicated to love; white clouds dedicated to grassland, rivers and dedication to the ocean; and my youth and enthusiasm, to give my students, dedication to the education of my love.








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